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Show Me The Way


I've been searching far and wide trying to find your smiling face
I've been looking high and low trying to find your loving grace
I've been calling out your name Lord save me from my shame.
Show me the way my sweet Jesus ,show me the way, show me the way
Well I heard about your name when I was just a little child
well I grew up now but I got lost along the way.
now I'm ready to come back home oh please lord let me come back home
show me the way my sweet Jesus show me the way, show me the way.
Whoa i cant do it all by myself lord now now show me, show me, show me
show me, show me, why don't you show me I'll come runnin' back home.
Well you don't miss you water till your water well runs dry.
I have found myself all alone and all I can do is cry
now I'm sorry , oh so sorry please forgive me for my wrongs
show me the way my sweet jesus show me the way, show me the way

Lyric Credits: Mighty Sam McClain
Music Credits: Donn Scott Shetler
Publisher Credits: Emilys sonascap/cmonmon music bmi
Performance Credits: Mighty Sam McClain/Jon Bon Jovi
Label Credits: Appleseed Recordings

Long Song Description:
Third Place honors are claimed by Sam McClain and Donn Scott Shetler (Newmarket, NH, USA) for their song "Show Me The Way." Legendary, international performer and songwriter Mighty Sam McClain has been bringing his own brand of gospel/funk to audiences for decades. This W.C. Handy Award nominee is one of the original masters of Southern soul/blues, and has shared songs, tours, and stages with respected artists from Little Melvin Underwood to Bobby "Blue" Bland all across the globe. It's no wonder he's called "The Soul of America" in Europe. Donn Scott Shetler studied with the legendary saxophonist Archie Shep during his professorship at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, and the classical clarinetist David Kreuter. Like McClain, Shetler has played venues in Europe, Russia, and Turkey, and has played Carnegie Hall with the late Gene Pitney, and at several concerts in the prestigious New Orleans Jazz Festival with the late Johnny Adams.

Song Length: 3:40
Primary Genre: Blues-Gospel
Secondary Genre: Pop-Religious
Lead Vocal: Duet Male
Mood 1: Moving
Mood 2: Joyful